Meditation and hypnosis

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Classes – 7

Week – 7

Dates: March 2,9,16,30 – April 6,13,20

The principle of guided meditation is when you are guided, by a narrator, to bring about a specific change in your state and your life. You are first guided to relax your body, mind and spirit, and reach a deep meditative state before setting out on a journey, in your mind, to achieve a specific goal. Since the brain does not distinguish between an imagined event and an actual event, the experience you have in guided meditation is just like a real experience. It has an amazing effect on your life because of the way you relax muscles, release physical and mental tension, alter your biological state, and even change the way your body cells work. Meditation under hypnosis is meditation performed within the supported Savasana. This restorative yoga posture brings about a state of relaxation and calm having the effect of releasing tension.

The different hypnosis techniques used make it possible to communicate with the subconscious in order to unlock blockages. Pushing the mind to find more suitable reactions, it releases fear and sets up a strategy of change and solutions to the questions of the moment.

Release emotions and blockages

Several emotions are stored in our body. When you have an emotional reaction, whether negative or positive, your body reacts to this emotion, it moves, feels the experience and keeps it in memory, which sometimes leads to tensions and blockages.

Within my guided hypnosis meditations, you are invited to engage coding and bodily memories. You travel through visualization techniques. Spending a moment in yoga nidra , guided by passages from sacred texts, metaphorical tales, I use metaphorical language since it allows you to enter a deep consciousness, on a journey through yourself to live better and understand yourself better.

For example, a meditation under hypnosis can help you to remove the obstacles and to calm this agitation which forms a screen. Calm the mind and establish the connection to intuition, in order to access reality and available resources. So make decisions and make informed choices in connection with who we are and our deep aspirations of achievement. Guided meditation can also be of great help in dealing with emotions such as fear. Fear is just a simple miscommunication with yourself. Its role is to push us to change a behavior, a perception to develop a new capacity or strategy. So when we take the time to listen to it, fear becomes our ally, misunderstood and misinterpreted, it keeps us inactive, increasing stress and anxiety.

Within these guided meditations, I invite you beyond your usual boundaries.

Inside this meditation I invite your unconscious part to seek the resources you need to continue to feed your inner strength in order to remain in full possession of your power whatever the difficulties you are going through in life.

Some examples of topics discussed in the session:

  • Time

  • The Inner Child

  • Balance of the Sacred Feminine

  • Balance of the Sacred Masculine

  • Harmonizing the sacred Feminine and Male

  • Make The Right Decision

  • Self Esteem

  • Self-confidence

  • Release A Block

  • Duality

  • Unconditional Love

  • Acceptance

  • Patience

  • Humility

  • Detachment

  • Self Control

  • Etc.

Description of a hypnosis guided meditation session
  • Make yourself comfortable, sitting or lying down or inside a supported yoga posture or not.
  • If, however, you find yourself distracted, this is perfectly normal. Then simply resume contact with your breath.
  • The more you practice meditation, the easier it will be to stay present.
  • Please note that a guided meditation session under hypnosis does not replace a private consultation, since each individual has their own perception of lived experiences, their own patterns, beliefs, values and capacities. On the other hand, guided meditations are an excellent preparation for opening your consciousness and preparing for future positive changes.
  • If you tend to fall asleep while lying down, and want to stay awake, choose a comfortable sitting posture using the different ways and adjust your posture .If you choose a sitting posture on a chair, be sure to put your feet (your roots) flat on the ground in the awareness of being connected to the Earth, uncross your legs and arms, palm facing the Sky. Keep your spine straight and flexible so as to let the energy circulate and possibly animate your spine in imperceptible micro movements.
  • It is normal to feel tingling and jerking. This being a sign that the energy is flowing through you.
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null  Classes – 7

null  Week – 7

null  March 2,9,16,30 – April 6,13,20

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