Ayurvedic Body Treatment

Ayurvedic Body Treatment

Mer des Indes

Rebalancing ritual inspired by Ayurveda and based on the science of Marmas to find harmony in body and mind.

THALGO has always been inspired by the vital energy of the sea, to revitalize the body and mind. For this treatment, THALGO wanted to call on an expert in Ayurvedic massage to develop an immersive protocol that invites the body and mind to travel to the sacred land of India, to achieve a state of energy balance by treating the body and soul spirit in an inseparable way.

Combining nourishing Indian red algae and rebalancing essential oils, this unique ritual combines 3 specific and complementary expertise within the protocol.

Body treatment mer des Indes

  1. Marmatherapy which unblocks energy points and helps the free circulation of prana in the body.
  2. Yoga which helps to streamline the circulation of prana in our body. This technique is played in the massage to finalize each step and maximize the feeling of harmony between body and mind.
  3. Music therapy which helps to encourage letting go. Thalgo called on specialist Thomas Madrid to develop specific music for the Mer des Indes treatment. The musical frequencies in accordance with the different stages of the protocol encourage letting go and invite meditation.

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