My mission is to accompany and support people wishing to:

  • Regain a feeling of calm, well-being and inner balance
  • Take control of their lives
  • Make lasting changes in their lives
  • Improve their quality of life


Hypnosis is a collaborative effort between the practitioner and his client. My approach in hypnosis aims to make the person autonomous by encouraging their active participation. I am a guide who is there to support, encourage, value and favor the activation of inner resources. Several techniques and tools will be used to help you achieve the desired results such as visualization, metaphor also called allegory and self-hypnosis.

Transformative hypnosis, an extraordinary method of change and coaching

Transformative hypnosis developed by IFHEC (Institute for training in hypnosis and coaching) includes different hypnosis approaches such as classic hypnosis, Ericksonian, humanist as well as several change approaches such as NLP, sophrology and others. techniques. By combining all of its approaches, it provides effective support that is well suited to your needs. It facilitates inner transformation, well-being and self-development.

What is the state of hypnosis?

Hypnosis allows us to explore other states of consciousness. This inner journey brings us to a modified state of consciousness. Hypnosis, also called trance, is a natural state that we experience several times a day. We experience, among other things, the hypnosis state: when we are “in the moon”, when we drive and go to our destination without having been aware of the distance traveled, when we practice our favorite activity or during any other activity where our attention is absorbed. When we accompany in hypnosis, we aim to intentionally recreate this state where we have access to the unconscious to come and make a positive change. During hypnotic trance, the subconscious is more receptive to suggestions, activation of resources and changes.

Here are some winning conditions to reach your goal with hypnosis :

  • Choose a qualified hypnosis practitioner with whom you feel comfortable in order to develop a relationship of trust
  • Be motivated and engaged in your change process
  • Give yourself time and persevere towards your goal
  • Take the hypnosis process for yourself and not for others

The first session is 90 min at 100$ (this includes client file opening,health questionnaire.)

  • Follow up appointments are 60min at 95$
  • Receipts for insurance are available

Hypnosis services don’t replace healthcare professionals :such as doctors ,psychotherapists or psychologists .In some cases,a medical referral can be requested.

Following Law 21 in Quebec: Mental health and human relations field : As a hypnotherapist, my hypnosis services are not intended to replace the services of health professionals. I am neither a psychotherapist, psychologist, nor doctor and I am not a member of any professional order in the field of physical or mental health. I am not making a medical or psychological diagnosis. I do not prescribe medication, medical or psychological treatment. I cannot recommend that a client stop seeing a healthcare professional or taking medication or treatments prescribed by a healthcare professional.

  • In case of cancellation, a 50$fee per session will be charged for all follow up appointments.