Ayurvedic facials with Shankara

Your skin is your largest organ, it’s your body’s shield from environmental toxins and external dangers. Too often we take our skin for granted, but it does so much for us. When you look in the mirror, are you grateful for the skin you’re in, or do you wish it were different? When you feel good in your own skin, it shows. You radiate light everywhere you go. You glow with an inexplicable confidence. You walk into a room and command attention. Beautiful skin is timeless, it’s an eternal sign of well-being, and it’s possible for everyone.

Everyone deserves to feel happy and in love with their skin

Most of the time your skin is so overwhelmed and overburdened thanks to a laundry list of environmental toxins contained in most skin care and beauty products. Not all so called “organic” beauty products are immune to this either. Many popular natural options are owned by the same companies testing on animals and producing chemical toilet cleaners (I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true). Your skin is an amazing organ, and it has a big job protecting you from hundreds of environmental toxins each and every day. Your skin requires nourishment that doesn’t just touch the surface but that goes deep and replenishes and detoxifies on a cellular level.

This is the Shankara difference:

I only use organic Ayurvedic ingredients in my facial treatments.In truth, Shankara products are so pure you could eat them—not that i recommend it, but you could. Not many skincare companies can say that. In fact, did you know that on average, women use over 168 chemicals on their bodies every single day? (None of which are in any way edible) Chief among these chemicals are known endocrine disruptors, phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, lead, formaldehyde, and more. If you are what you eat—then you are what you put on your skin too.  Support your amazing skin with real ingredients designed to deeply hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate.

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Shankara – Pure Beauty with Fully Blossomed Consciousness

A little about Shankara

Since their inception in 2001, Shankara has been creating natural products that nourish your skin and promote a natural radiance. Shankara brings together the ancient science of life from the East – Ayurveda with the Western knowledge of actives and anti-oxidants through modern manufacturing methods to sustainably create a unique line of completely natural, result-oriented products. Made with loving care, in small batches at their manufacturing facility in Uvalde, Texas, Shankara products seek to promote an overall sense of well-being, while promoting naturally beautiful skin. Shankara is committed to making the world a better place,and donates 100% of net profits to initiatives that range from education of girls and women empowerment in developing countries, to those that help veterans build resilience and overcome PTSD.

Ayurvedic facial treatments with Shankara

Shankara purity Facial :/75min
Dosha :Kapha
The ideal Facial for acne prone skin. A complete treatment to eliminate all impurities.

Shankara anti aging timeless facial :/90min
The ideal Facial to prevent aging for all skin types.
A deeply intense facial to rejuvenate, tighten and give life back to the skin.
Specialized techniques which combine lymphatic drainage in order to disperse toxins, Marma Points,Deep massage to sculpture muscles of the face.

Shankara soothing Facial :/75min
A gentle rebalancing treatment for normal to sensitive skin.To deep cleanse, revitalize, and protect. This facial will calm even the most sensitive skin.

Shankara nourishing Facial :/75min
Dosha: Vata
A deeply nourishing treatment for dry and very dry skin.
This moisturizing treatment improves the skins natural radiance.

Shankara – Pure Beauty with Fully Blossomed Consciousness