I was drawn to Reiki after I survived cancer. I knew I was going to apply this universal energy to heal myself and others. It was also clear to me that I wanted to share this life force energy, the “Reiki”, and attune others to spread the “Reiki”.

I am now  recognized with the Canadian Reiki Association. This form of healing is also passed from teacher to student, through a series of initiations.


Farah welcomes you in to her sacred healing space with great love and compassion. She begins each treatment with deep listening and an intuitive/spiritual approach to the sessions. Her sacred space is warm, cosy and safe, a perfect place to let oneself go and surrender to the healing light of her being. The combination of her Ayurdevic oil massage treatments and Reiki energy healing is powerful and allows for profound insights, transformation and healing mind, body and soul.

Nadine Schwartz

For me a visit with Farah is a five star! Wether I went for reiki or massages both were amazing for my well being. She is a person who definitely loves and spends much time resourcing herself to give back to others in healing and well being. Must say on all levels. I have even received healing in my arm long distance,a phone call away.  The reiki is amazing giving results even in my life! What can I say more worth the visit.

Rose Ragozzino

The first time I visited Farah was when I was going to a very difficult time in my marriage and a separation with small kids. She made me feel instantly secure and safe, and she has that elegance and comfort and listening skills which I have never experienced before. She helped me through healing and massages to regain back energy and helped me with the pain I was feeling in my body and soul. She is a true angel with special power!

Vanessa K.

The daily commute grind

The stress and pressures at work

The rush to get back home and get to the chores at hand

All that happens to the body and mind with the above can be undone with the help of Farah.

The formula is simple

Ayurdevic oil massage untangles the mess done to your body followed with Reiki healing and energizing sessions to help you get going once again.

The secret and power behind the delivery of these two treatments is not all that simple – Farah has figured out the recipe. Like a master chef preparing her secret sauce, she can only put these sessions together in a calm and soothing setting that no other can and get you up and running again, clear, focused and energized.

Denis Fragias